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38001, Managing in Organizations (M.B.A. course)

Description from syllabus: "The workplace is designed, inhabited, and controlled by people, but people make mistakes. Executives make decisions today that lead to unforeseen problems tomorrow, competitors mispredict their rival’s moves and motives, and coworkers misperceive each other’s thoughts and feelings. This course highlights how the human mind comes to make such errors, and what to do about them—ultimately, to understand how to manage yourself and others just a bit more wisely, both in the work environment and in daily life. To accomplish this goal we will draw upon experimental social psychology, the bedrock of the course. Through laboratory findings and basic science, each week you will learn well-tested, well-replicated insights about social life: you’ll be armed with management wisdom that works as opposed to management wisdom that “sounds right.” The first few weeks (Internal Thought) outline the psychological underpinnings of how people—you, me, colleagues, clients, all of us—process information in biased ways. The latter few weeks (External Change) use these insights to understand real organizational issues like persuasion, giving feedback, building culture, working in groups, and work-life balance."

Previously taught:

Summer 2022

Winter 2021

Summer 2020

Summer 2019

Summer 2018

Summer 2017

Spring 2016

Winter 2015

Next teaching:

Winter 2023

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38901, Current Topics in Behavioral Science (Ph.D. course)

This is a graduate seminar for Ph.D. students. Topics and readings are selected by the instructing faculty. The goal of the course is to review topics of interest across social/cognitive psychology and behavioral science, to critically examine the theories and methods presented in representative papers, and to guide students in generating their own research ideas, executing study designs, and writing manuscripts.

Previously taught:

Spring 2020, Selected topics: Adaptation; Change Perception; Selective Attention; Designing Optimal Experiences

Winter 2018, Selected topics: Adaptation; Dark Side of Positivity; Work and Play; Mind Perception

Winter 2016, Selected topics: Mental Construal; Thinking Dynamically; Bias; The "Social" of Social Cognition

Next teaching:

Winter 2023